Meth lab in apartment causes evacuation

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A meth lab found inside an apartment sparked an evacuation of two apartment complexes and six homes. Calhoun Police said the type of lab that was found is extremely dangerous.

The lab was discovered inside apartment 16 at the Calhoun Crossing Apartments on the second floor right near the stairs. Once officers saw what was inside they quickly evacuated the residents as the DEA, Gordon County HAZMAT, EMS, and Calhoun Fire and police moved in. 

Calhoun Police Chief Tony Pyle told FOX 5's Denise Dillon that the operation was what they call a  "shake and bake lab," where 2-liter bottles are used to make the drugs.

"The chemicals are mixed up in a 2-liter bottle and placed in a container to allow it to cook itself," said Chief Pyle. 

Once officers saw what was inside, they knew it was extremely dangerous. 

"These types of labs are more volatile and dangerous than traditional chemist-type labs," said Chief Pyle.

They quickly evacuated and called the DEA.

Officials evacuated six homes, the apartment building, and one across the street to ensure everyone's safety.

James Freeman lives in the apartment next door.  He got a call about what was happening and rushed home from work. 

"A little nerve-wracking knowing that was up against the wall next door to me, that close," said Freeman. 

Freeman says he had no idea anything was going on next door.  He says knowing what he knows now and thinking about what could have happened makes him angry. 

"I keep foster dogs in there, I have people who come by to check on them occasionally, there's no telling what could have happened," said Freeman. 

Police have arrested the two people who lived in the apartment, a man and woman and have transported them to the Gordon County Jail. Their names have not yet been released.