Men take more risks, but women are better at survival

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, bad news, guys.

Research shows men live more rough-and-tumble lives, but women out-survive them at almost every age.

And it may all come down to risk-taking.

It seems death is not an equal opportunists. But does death favor the thrill-seekers or just men in general?

Trevor Gibbs gives decided to become an instructor at I-Fly, a wind tunnel facility near Austin, TX, after skydiving on a whim.

“It was my friend's birthday and he just looked at me and said ‘Hey, I want to get certified to skydive.’ So I said, ‘Okay, I'll do it with you!’”

Trevor agrees with research that suggests, from every age, males are more prone to injury and possibly death when compared to their female counterparts.

“Especially me growing up, I was an only child, but I had four girl cousins,” Gibbs says. “I was always in-line rollerblading and they'd be inside playing Mall Madness.”

A study from the Society of Actuaries shows the male disadvantage starts in the womb and spikes during their teens and early 20’s.

During the middle years, our 30’s and 40’s, the gender difference narrows and holds steady. But statistics still show men are more likely to die from injuries and disease.

Leading female illness do some damage in mid-life, but not as much as the male afflictions.

And the research shows men in their 50's begin to accelerate their dying, peaking in their 60’s and 70’s.

So, are women more resilient?

“At least in my line of work, I'd have to say ‘No,’” says Gibbs.

Brenda Porta and the women of the Pink Gloves Boxing Group disagree.

“We are strong women here,” Porta says. “That's my stress relief. I'm just like, I don't need that beer. I’m going to work out.”

The women are raising money to fight breast cancer.

“So I figured, ‘Why not get together, workout, be healthy, prevent it from all of us here,’” says Porta.

A study back in 2006 found men and women are equal when it comes to taking social risks.

But women are less likely to take risks when it comes to their health, their recreation and gambling. Research found women are more likely to perceive a negative outcome from those risks.

So, perhaps women are stronger than men.

Or may they just know when to say, “No.”