McDonald's customer is head-butted after trying to get a refill

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A McDonald's customer was head-butted after trying to get a drink refill at a Sandy Springs restaurant.

The odd episode happened July 2 in the McDonald's restaurant on Roswell Road in the Dunwoody Place Shopping Plaza.

Sandy Springs Police said Robbie Martin went into the restaurant to buy lunch with a drink. Mr. Martin took his food to the car to eat. After eating he decided to return to the restaurant for a free refill, but the manager told him a refill was no longer an option.

The customer went to the drink machine to refill his cup and police said the manager's husband confronted him. Robert Bennett works security at the restaurant and ended up head-butting Mr. Martin. Police were called and Mr. Bennett received a disorderly conduct citation.

FOX 5 News reached out to McDonald's to find out what their refill rules are, but the company did not respond by deadline.