MARTA clarifies Five Points Station street-level closure expected duration

Five Points MARTA Station

MARTA is responding to those, including the mayor of Atlanta, who want them to postpone their $230 million Five Points Transformation Project because of a feared lengthy closure.

MARTA says it has received feedback on its plans, but the bottom line is that the concrete canopy at Five Points Station must be taken down.

The good news is that street-level access will not be impacted for four years, according to MARTA. The goal is to get started with the deconstruction and demolition work and re-evaluate street-level access after 18 months.

MARTA says this is not a cosmetic fix, although there will be aesthetic benefits for all levels of the station once the canopy is removed.

The current design retains water, according to MARTA. Despite their efforts to repair and waterproof, water damage continues to weaken the concrete.

Water intrusion is also damaging the inside of the station and creating hazards for those who use the station.

MARTA says it is better to do this now when they can plan for the impact on its customers and the city versus later when they may be forced to close the station at short notice due to safety reasons. MARTA says this is "non-negotiable." 


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MARTA: Five Points Station project will continue despite mayor's objections

MARTA also says they will continue to explore options to minimize disruptions while maintaining safety standards during the deconstruction and demolition work. They are asking customers and other stakeholders to meet them halfway while still holding them accountable. 

Mayor Andre Dickens sent MARTA a letter on June 6 asking officials to halt the renovation of the station due to questions about possible financial mismanagement of the MORE MARTA sales tax program. City council passed a non-binding resolution on Monday backing the mayor.

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The city believes the results of an audit should be disclosed before the multi-million-dollar renovation takes place. The final report is due in July.

MARTA is planning to relocate eight bus routes beginning July 6 and then close the station at street level beginning July 29. The renovation will not affect the train schedules.