Man says thieves used 'decoding' device to steal truck

There have been reports across the country of thieves using electronic devices to unlock keyless entry cars. An Atlanta man says that's how crooks stole his truck right out of his driveway. 

Scott Lobel says it was about 4:30 in the morning when he heard the engine of his new Dodge Ram Rebel roar to life.  "I popped up out of bed just in time to see the truck pull out of the driveway," said Lobel.

Lobel's home security cameras captured the crook in the act.  He says he reviewed the video with police to find out how the thief got into the truck and was able to start it. "Both the officer and I reviewed the video and it certainly looked like he had a device in his left hand. The officer was certainly aware of decoding, that's for sure, it's something they've seen before," said Lobel. 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says there are a number of ways thieves use technology to get into keyless entry vehicles.  One device can capture the signal from a key fob and clone it.  Another can reprogram a new key in minutes. "Somebody with the right software and a key, can hook up to the diagnostic key and reprogram that vehicle's computer to accept a reprogrammed key that the bad guy supplies," said Frank Scafidi with the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Lobel says he hopes to get with investigators to learn more about what type of decoding device crooks used.   He says in his case technology worked both for and against him.  Unfortunately the crooks were up on their technology and were able to steal his truck.   But Lobel had an APP that helped police track his truck and found it ditched along a road about 10 miles away.