Man rescues dog from attacking alligator

An alligator attacked, without warning. Its victim was a 95-pound dog, just moments from death, until a dog-sitter brought the beat down to the beast.

Eleven-year-old Ossie is a typical Golden Retriever -- happy and harmless.  Cell phone video shows the terrifying moments when Ossie was attacked.

“No sooner did he back his haunches, then exploding out of the water came this alligator,” said Ernest “Buddy” Ackerman.

Ackerman was watching Ossie for his daughter last week, when a morning walk turned into a fight for Ossie’s life.

“I slipped, fell down on my rear-end and was just pulling myself with the leash closer to the two of them,” said Ackerman.

No holding back, he fought-off the gator himself, but then Ossie was not the only one in danger.

"I got close enough, where I could kick the alligator’s snout, and fortunately it opened up its mouth, let the dog go,” said Ackerman.

He just managed to get away. Ackerman is doing just fine. Ossie was a little sore and shaken, but is now back home safely with Ackerman’s daughter, Jody, in Lake Mary.

“There’s no broken skin, nothing, and he was up running around like nothing happened,” said Jody Ackerman.

She said, at first, she was in shock, but now she thinks it’s a pretty cool story about survival and heroism.

“I don’t think you think. Your first reaction is to save. That’s human nature I think.”