Man Makes Sign of Support for Law Enforcement

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There's a sign outside the Butts County Sheriff's Office that is turning heads. It reads: "Pray for the Police. 9 Dead in the Last 30 Days," and is getting lots of support from local law enforcement.

"It means a lot, especially to all of us out here doing what we're doing, trying to keep the community safe," said Butts County Sheriff's Deputy James Sanders.

Sheriff Gary Long said the man who created the sign has boosted morale inside his office.

"He said there was so much negative coming across the country towards law enforcement, he wanted to show there were people out there who actually cared," said Sheriff Long.

"I was just doing it because I felt good, because I wanted to do it," said Ken Williams, the man who made the sign and stood outside the Sheriff's office carrying it. He said it's a way of saying thanks to those who often have a thankless job.

"These deputies are making pennies," said Sheriff Long, "they take an oath and are willing to put their lives down that day and never see their families again to protect people they don't know."

Williams also walked with the sign outside of the city of Jackson’s police department and at a local high school football game. He said he'd like to do it again, but isn't sure when he will next.