Man charged with killing pregnant 14-year-old girl in court

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The man charged in the death of 14-year-old girl who was pregnant appeared in a Fulton County courtroom for a preliminary hearing on Friday.

Souleymane Diallo, 20, is accused of killing Sonja "Star" Harrison.

Atlanta Police said Sonja Star Harrison was in a downstairs unit at the Pavilion Place complex in the 500 block of Cleveland Avenue, visiting a friend on Nov. 19. Around 6:30 p.m., they say Souleymane fired a single shot from an upstairs apartment. The bullet went through the floor, striking Harrison below. She died at the scene.

"I received a call the day after the homicide on Nov. 20 from Zone Three [Criminal Investigations Division] saying a guy who came into the office stated he wanted to speak with homicide regarding the 14-year-old girl," APD Homicide Det. Calvin Thomas said during Friday's hearing.

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That witness told Thomas the day before, Souleymane showed off the same weapon. He also said he ran from the apartment to a wooded area. Souleymane soon followed.

"According to Witness One, ‘Slaughter’ pulled the same gun and pointed it to the back of his head and told him if he snitched he would kill him. [He also] made him strip, made him take off all of his clothing. At that point, he ran down Metropolitan Parkway where he ran into a gas station."

Thomas says he reviewed surveillance video from the gas station and it confirmed the witness ran in there at one point. That man, however, did not call the police, but went to a precinct the following day.

Investigators used that information and details from other witnesses to name Diallo as the suspect.

According to police, Diallo was arrested on Nov. 22 and charged with murder in the second degree, reckless conduct, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

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