Man arrested for Henry County block party shooting

A man wanted for shooting a 16-year-old girl turned himself in to authorities over the weekend.

Richard Dickerson, 20, was charged with aggravated assault for shooting the girl in the back at a party last month.

Police have arrested four people who were at the party that night. However, Dickerson is the only one charged with shooting the teen in the back.

Surveillance video captured the chaos after gunfire erupts following a party in Henry County that grew out of hand.

“At some point several fights broke out and then some individuals decided to start firing weapons, some may have fired into the air, when that occurred some other individuals started firing at a vehicle leaving scene, that's when the victim was struck in the back,” Henry County Police Captain Joey Smith said.

Police arrested Kordion Cousins the night of the shooting on an outstanding warrant. He was later charged with disorderly conduct. Also that night, police arrested Dartavious Davis and Selah Morgan for allegedly firing off guns. Charges against Morgan were later dropped. But the man police wanted to talk to was nowhere to be found. They put out a lookout for Dickerson and by the weekend he'd surrendered to authorities.

"You can believe it was an accident all day long but when you're firing a deadly weapon in the vicinity of someone and someone gets struck, regardless of accident or not that's aggravated assault," said Captain Smith.

Smith said the 16-year-victim has had two surgeries.

"Tough time for her… I don't know specifically the long term problems she may incur, we just know she has survived and she's trying to recover,” said Smith.

Police believe there are more people who fired guns that night who have not been charged yet, and they say there could be more arrests.

UPDATE: A grand jury declined to indict Selah Morgan following his arrest, and charges against him were dropped.