Local artists and radio hosts share how they remember Prince

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Radio stations throughout Atlanta honored and remembered Prince by playing his songs during their shows Thursday.

“Everybody just wanted to be him,” said rapper and Magic 107.5 host Chubb Rock.  “You never thought that your music was even at his level.”

During “The Ride” with Chubb Rock and Siman Baby on Thursday, the hosts dedicated their show to Prince.  Fans called in talking about their memories of their first Prince concert and requested their favorite songs.

Legendary rapper Chubb Rock said he remembers flying to Minnesota for a performance and Prince inviting him to his home.  Naturally, thinking he was going to meet the multi-Grammy-award winner, only to find out he was out of the country.

Rock ended up meeting the music icon another time. Siman Baby not only met the artist, but introduced Prince at his show in Atlanta at The Tabernacle more than 15 years ago.

“He was just smooth,” said Magic 107.5 radio host Siman Baby.  “He was the smallest person in the room, but had the biggest personality.”