Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough talk true-crime series 'Under the Bridge'

Fresh off a groundbreaking Academy Award nomination for Martin Scorsese’s "Killers of the Flower Moon," Lily Gladstone takes on the role of a police officer investigating a shocking crime in the new Hulu series "Under the Bridge."

The series also stars recent Emmy Award nominee Riley Keough ("Daisy Jones & The Six") as real-life writer Rebecca Godfrey, who penned the true-crime book upon which the series is based.

"In knowing that Riley was attached — who I’ve wanted to work with forever — and knowing that she was attached as a producer, I knew this was going to be something that would take a compassionate approach," says Gladstone of the decision to join the series.

In the past, Gladstone has spoken about the use of music as an acting tool; for "Under the Bridge," Gladstone says making a ‘character playlist’ was a key part of the process.

"It was honestly the heart of the ‘in’ to the relationship between [Gladstone’s character] Cam and Rebecca," says the Oscar nominee. "Rebecca Godfrey herself — Cam is fiction — but Rebecca Godfrey was a punk kid. So, I was fascinated at the idea of playing a character who, as a youth, was very into anti-establishment punk and then grows up to be a cop. So, I had The Misfits on my playlist, I had Dead Kennedys … Black Flag, of course."

Keough — whose real-life musical family includes grandfather Elvis Presley and mother Lisa Marie Presley — says music plays a different role in her artistry.

"When I’m writing, I use music a lot. Acting? Here and there I will," says Keough. "Like, if there’s a specific feeling or sense that a song will remind me of, or a tone, I will use it before a scene. But I didn’t make a playlist for Rebecca. I don’t typically."

Two different methods, with a common goal: bringing honesty and dignity to their work on-screen.

"Under the Bridge" is streaming now exclusively on Hulu, with new episodes set to be released weekly.