Lawmaker says there's no need for gun carry permits

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A Georgia lawmaker is aiming to change gun laws in the state. State Representative Matt Gurtler says we all have a right to bear arms, so we shouldn't need a permit as well. 

Representative Gurtler has pre-filed legislation for Georgia to become a "Constitutional Carry" state. 

"This is only for law-abiding citizens who want to be able to conceal or open carry a pistol in the state of Georgia," said Representative Gurtler.

State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver is strongly opposed to the idea. She says there needs to be some oversight of gun ownership.

"More gun relaxation of carrying guns, more guns, more places, more days with no review, no background checks, it's not what Georgians want," said Representative Oliver.

Representative Gurtler filed similar legislation last year but it didn't get very far. He says this time he thinks he has a better shot because he has the support of Governor-elect Brian Kemp. He also says there would still be an option to buy a permit if a gun owner wants to travel out of state. 

"If you'd like to have reciprocity with other states you'd still have to get your Georgia weapons license and pay that fee, that tax, and you'd have that reciprocity," says Representative Gurtler. 

About 12 other states are "Constitutional Carry" states.