Kids Getting Alcohol Poisoning from Hand Sanitizer

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Jeanie Joy, a mom of 2, is anything but overjoyed about this: kids poisoned by hand sanitizer.

"The kids are drinking and getting into their system," said Joy "It's so scary."

Since 2010, the Georgia Poison Center has analyzed kids under the age of 12, and discovered a close to 400-percent increase in calls to poison control centers across the country. The increase in Georgia is more than 200-percent increase in Georgia.

Most hand sanitizers have at least 45 percent alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the most effective sanitizer has at least 60 percent alcohol. That can compare that with beers ranging from 7 to 8 percent alcohol content, and liquors ranging from 40 to 75.5 percent alcohol content

Mary Jo Schaab, with Kids Kondo Daycare, stopped using hand sanitizer at least 5 years ago. She said the reason after being alerted to the potential danger.

"Children put things in their mouth," said Schaab "It totally makes sense. It says keep out from children."

The Georgia Poison Center has sent warning letters to schools recommending children not be in possession of hand sanitizers, and if it is required, it should be stored in a safe place by a teacher.