Judge orders Morrow hotel to shut down

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A judge handed down a ruling Friday stating only 20 rooms at an embattled Days Inn in Morrow passed inspection. All guests in the other rooms must leave within 24 hours, by midday Saturday.

According to the ruling the owner has 90 days to fix the problems. If the problems are not fixed, the owner could lose his business license and the city could post a sign saying "this building is unfit for human habitation."

Police said there is so much crime at the hotel in Morrow and the city wanted to shut it down. City officials went to court Monday to convince a judge that closing it down and evicting everyone would cut down on crime. The judge’s ruling came down Friday.

Morrow Police said they have responded to crime after the crime at the Days Inn on Adamson Parkway.

"Here lately the crime is astronomical at the Days Inn, drugs, prostitution and any other theft and burglary crimes are happening at the Days Inn," said Morrow Police Sgt. Q Lumpkin.

Authorities said a couple of years ago the hotel owners signed a contract with the city promising to clean up the crime. But police said it has not gotten any better, so it is time to take more drastic measures. If the judge sides with the city, the hotel doors will be closed.

Bud and Sharon Harper think that is a good idea. Their condo is less than a block from the hotel.

"Some people just cut through the condo," said Bud Harper.

The Harpers attended a neighborhood meeting with the police chief, who talked about the crime at the hotel. She thinks the city is on the right track to solving a major crime problem.

"It would be good if they shut it down, it's too close to home for us," said Sharon Harper.