Join our Call for Action team

We regularly bring you the success stories from our Call for Action unit. But none of these things would be possible without volunteers who come in to take your calls and to help you out.

Our volunteers don't just come for a while; they stay on for years and years because they love it. If you don't believe me, let Lula tell ya.  

"It's indescribable. It gives you a joy and that you can only experience by volunteering."

Lula has been sitting in her seat at Call for Action for about 13 years now.  

She's part of a volunteer team. They're here three days a week taking Fox 5 viewer calls asking for help with situations they can't seem to resolve on their own.

Mary's been here about eight years now.

"People call in every day. Sometimes they just need an ear to listen to them."

And Call for Action is looking for more friendly voices. But too many folks don't think they have enough experience to help others. Well, you, too, are probably a problem solver.

"Well, I worked in a warehouse for 30 years. Being around so many people I brought that skill here. I can always talk to people. No matter what the situation is," Mary told us.

And there are so many different types of situations. The case of the peeling leather couch. There was the faulty fridge. And the veteran just looking for his well-deserved benefits. Call for Action fixed them all.

"We always try to leave them in a better position than before when they called," Lula said.

There's a seat waiting for ya.

This link will get you to volunteer opportunities: CALL FOR ACTION SIGN UP.