Jogger killed on White Rock Creek Trail ID'ed

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Dallas police identified the jogger on Tuesday night who was killed on the White Rock Creek Trail Monday morning.  

Ex-Skyline HS and Texas A&M football player Thomas Johnson told Dallas police on the scene of his deadly attack on a jogger that he had committed capital murder. That jogger turned out to be 53-year-old David Stevens.

The new details about what happened during and after a jogger was randomly killed with a machete on Monday along the White Rock Creek Trail were revealed in police documents released Tuesday.

Johnson, 21, according to the documents flagged down two men who happened to be on the trail. Johnson used the cell phone of one man to call 911 and told dispatch "that an unknown male was lying on the ground with a sword in his head." Johnson then directed both men to the grisly scene.

First responders did indeed find Stevens lying on the ground with a large, bladed knife in his head.

The arresting officer spoke to Johnson at the scene and the former wide receiver told him "I just committed capital murder" and then repeated the statement.

The Dallas officer then asked what he meant, and Johnson stated "It’s like when you don't wake up."

Johnson's mother was reached by phone by FOX 4 on Tuesday. All she said was, "I've never been afraid of Thomas."

Stevens didn’t have his ID on him when his body was found.