Joe Biden hosts drive-in campaign event in Atlanta

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made a stop in Atlanta for a drive-in event Tuesday afternoon. 

This event was one of the largest campaign events for Biden since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to the Secret Service, 375 cars were at the event and 771 people.

“In this most important election in any of our lifetimes, in a battle for the soul of America, we’re showing who we are," Biden said. 

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The former vice president stressed the fact that Georgia is a battleground state, not just for the White House but the senate as well.

He said there is "no state more consequential than Georgia when it’s comes to taking control of the US Senate."

“Here in Georgia and across the county, people of different races, backgrounds, Democrat, Republicans, and independents are coming together to transcend old divisions and to show what is possible," Biden said.

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It’s this message of unity that supporters like John Phillips said they want to hear from their candidate.

“He’s running for America. Not left party or the red party. He’s doing it for all Americans. His goal is to unify the county," Phillips said. 

During his remarks, Biden spoke about improving the health care system, the Black lives matter movement, and his plans to end the coronavirus pandemic.

He criticized the way President Trump has handled these issues. "You have the power to win this election. There’s nothing beyond our capacity. There’s no limit America’s future," Biden said. 

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