iPhone update will help users with dashboard warning lights

An iPhone update is coming this fall that is going to be handy in the car.

iPhone has had a feature for a few years called, "Visual Look Up." It helps you deep dive more information from a photo you already have on the camera.

It’s A.I working for you not against you.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you take a picture of an orchid. If "Visual Look Up" is available for that picture, it’ll have this at the bottom -- an "I" with stars two the left. Tap that, and you will see the option to learn more. And there it is -- more about information about orchids of this type.

Well, according to websites that track technology, this feature will expand in the next iPhone operating system update - which will be "17." The "Visual Look Up" feature will include food and symbols.

Here’s where it gets helpful. It will - we believe - identify dashboard lights.

When a light like this pops up while you’re driving, it’s alarming. What does it mean is your first reaction?

Many of us keep the vehicle’s manual in the glove compartment, but just snapping a shot and doing a quick look up on your iPhone will likely be easier and more appealing.

For Android users Google Lens does something similar, but it’s already very robust.

It can translate text to English. It can shop similar items - like a coat - from a photo. It can help with homework. It can read documents back to you. And so much more.

Google Lens is also available on iPhone.