Intruders break in while kids are home

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Henry County Police are looking for a burglar responsible for breaking into one McDonough family’s home while their three sons were inside.

Andrionna Williams says her 21-year-old, 18-year-old, and 11-year-old sons were at home when her oldest heard a noise coming from the basement.

He asked his brothers what they were doing in the basement, but the siblings replied they were on the main floor of the home. That's when the brothers knew there was an intruder.

The family's security cameras captured two men walking through the family's yard, hopping the back gate, and making their way through the backyard. One man was Caucasian, the other African American. One man wore a collegiate hat and the other had a hoodie on that was tied up tightly to conceal the intruder's face.

"They both had handguns," said mother Andrionna Williams. "So they were here to do something they shouldn't be doing," Williams said.

Once the oldest son heard the strange noise and realized something was wrong, he instructed his youngest brother to watch the cameras on the family's security system while he and the middle brother searched the home.

The 11-year old brought his BB gun downstairs with him as he watched the security footage.

"My 11-year-old, he evidently grabbed his BB gun and he went marching. When we got home, the BB gun was tucked up here under the couch, but he went into survival mode," Williams said. "He was trying to protect his family, bless his heart."

That's when Williams' oldest son realized one of the men was inside the home.

"He did see a shadow...coming out of his room...and they were behind the wall," Williams said.

Williams' oldest son yelled "Who's there?" and the men ran off. Police came minutes later but did not find the men.

The family says nothing was stolen and no one was hurt, but they want this to be a lesson: instead of stealing, ask for help.