Interview review: Atlanta cop's use of force justified

An internal review of an Atlanta officer’s use of force, which was caught on camera and went viral on social media, has determined that the officer’s actions were justified.

The video showed the take down of a suspect, where officer Quinton Green struck a man with several blows.

The incident report compiled by a supervisor, who was not involved in the incident, differs from a conclusion reached by Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields.

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The chief suspended Green, who is the officer seen atop the suspect while two other officers struggled with him as well.

In the use of force report, the supervisor noted that before Green threw punches -- called strikes -- a fourth officer shocked the man twice. Using that tool did not make Ricky Williams comply. The man had been stopped initially on suspicion he was about to smoke crack.

The chief has come under widespread criticism for punishing officer Green with a 20-day suspension. However, there are some current and former officers who are on the side of the chief. They contend the incident could have been brought under control without those punches being thrown.