Increased visibility by police in, around jam-packed malls making a difference in crime

Authorities say increased visibility by police in and around jampacked malls is having an impact on crime. If you still have shopping to do and sprawling Buckhead is your target, you will see officers inside parking lots as well as at intersections. 

Major Andrew Senzer, the commander of the Zone 2 Precinct, says those officers on the perimeter serve as a warning sign for thieves to keep moving and don't even turn into the parking lot. 

He says more officers are being told to get out of their patrol cars and show citizens they are ready if needed to respond. 

"There is a lot they can do when they are not handling a call," said Senzer.

Merchants who have been in the mall for decades say they are having fewer incidents than in years past. 

Douglas Duncan, a shopper, brought his two girls to Lenox. "Security seems to be everywhere and that makes a difference," Duncan said "It's everything"