In the wake of the Las Vegas attack, Marietta residents gather

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With the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting on their minds, hundreds came out to Marietta to find out how local law enforcement would respond to an active shooter. They also wanted to know if what they should do.

Among the SWAT vehicles and armored trucks in the parking lot of the Marietta High School, resident Jessica Grindley asked questions.

"Any time after you see something like the Las Vegas shooting it hits you anything can happen anywhere, anytime. I want to be prepared and to know what my community is doing to be prepared and how I can be involved in it," said Grindley.

Paul Littrell lives across the street.

"I'm a long time Marietta resident, I wanted to see what kind of capabilities they have," said Littrell.

Michelle Curtis was impressed by the armored vehicles.

"It seems like they're very prepared if something happens, they're going to be ready for it," said Curtis.

Inside, hundreds attended a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events seminar. It was a joint effort by Marietta Police, Marietta Fire, Cobb Police and the Cobb County Sheriff's Office. They discussed what steps Law Enforcement takes in an emergency and what we can all do to help first responders to save lives.

Through it all, they thought of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. After the seminar, they stepped outside. In the drizzling rain, with emergency lights flashing in the darkness, residents stood shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement as they prayed for the victims and released balloons in their honor.

"We have a hand in the healing process for Las Vegas, here in Cobb County, we want them to know we care," said Penny Mitchell.