Imani Roberson murder: 2nd arrest made in Rockdale County mom's death, disappearance

Cedarius Glaze (Credit: Rockdale County Sheriffs Office)

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office has made a second arrest in the murder and disappearance of mother of four, Imani Roberson.


Cedarius Glaze, the victim's 28-year-old brother-in-law, was taken into custody Tuesday morning.

Officials say he played a key role in the disposal of her body. He has been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, concealment of a dead body and arson.

Glaze is the brother of Donell Anderson, the victim's husband. Anderson was charged with her murder last week. He was recently denied bond.

Donell Anderson

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What happened to Imani Roberson?

Imani Roberson's last known location was her mother's house for a family dinner on July 16. The 29-year-old reportedly left there around 5:30 p.m. to go home with two of her four children. The other two decided to stay overnight with their grandmother.

She was last seen in her white Mazda SUV on Plantation Boulevard.

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Candlelight vigil planned for Rockdale County mother

The family of a Rockdale County mother who was murdered will hold a candle lighting ceremony in her honor. Imani Roberson, a mother of four, was missing for a month before her body was found last week.

The next day, her mother, Clarine Andujar-White, went to Imani's home after not hearing from her. When she couldn't find her daughter, she filed a missing persons report on July 17.


Roberson's car, which had been burned, was found on July 27 in a wooded area off Camp Creek Parkway near Union Road in Atlanta. Roberson's father shared images of the vehicle with FOX 5 Atlanta along with Ring camera video from a home across the street from Roberson's office that shows the vehicle pulling out of the driveway at a high rate of speed on the day she went missing.


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Husband charged in murder of mother of four

Authorities have charged Imani Roberson's husband, Donell Anderson, in her murder after cadaver dogs found her remains Friday. They say the search continues for a second suspect. Her family was distraught over the news.

Has Imani Roberson been found?

The search for Roberson came to a heartbreaking end last Friday. Rockdale County authorities confirmed after more than 400 hours of looking for her, human remains identified by cadaver dogs turned out to be hers. The location of where the body was found was not revealed during the press conference. 

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said they believed Roberson was murdered and that her husband, Donell Anderson, was responsible.

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RAW: Rockdale County press conference

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office holds press conference about Imani Roberson

He told reporters evidence in the case, including blood found in the victim’s home, led investigators directly to him. Rockdale County SWAT officers arrested Anderson at an apartment in Atlanta that night.

"I promised them that I was gonna find Imani and find out who had done something to Imani, and that today we have done," Levett said.

‘It’s not the news we wanted’: Family of missing Imani Roberson devastated after remains found

Emotions ran high for loved ones of Roberson as authorities gave the update they hoped they’d never hear.

"Today is a very difficult day for our family," the victim’s mother Clarine Andujar-White said. "It’s not the news that we wanted, but I’m happy that we can hold them accountable," her father Ronald Acklin told reporters.

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RAW: Imani Roberson's mother

Imani Roberson's mother speaks at news conference

"This is the third child I’ve lost to the state of Georgia," Roberson’s father said during the press conference. "I’ve seen all I can see. Three of my babies gone."

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RAW: Imani Roberson's father

RAW: Imani Roberson's father

While the arrest gave Roberson’s family members some closure, there’s still a gaping hole in their hearts. Still, they thanked the community for the continued effort in trying to fill that gap.

"We thank you for your continued prayers and support as we work to care for Imani’s beautiful boys (who are now) without a mother," Andujar-White said.

Roberson's family expressed bittersweet feelings after hearing a judge deny bond for Anderson on Sunday.

The victim's sister, Patience, told FOX 5 she believed he got exactly what he deserved in court.

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Imani Roberson's sister calls husband 'sociopath'

FOX 5 heard directly from the family members of Imani Roberson after her husband was denied bond in court Sunday morning. He faces murder charges for her death. The 29-year-old victim's sister spoke passionately against Donell Anderson, the man accused. She called him a sociopath and said he was insane for what she believes he did.

"You shouldn't have anything. You should lose everything. Because that was just out of nowhere for no reason," she said. "You're a sociopath to me, like you're insane."

Acklin said he felt the same.   

"We want to make sure that this malicious … person, to be so young, does not ever see the streets again," he told reporters.

Imani left behind an 11-year-old, a 9-year-old, a 3-year-old and 2-month-old baby.

What charges is Donell Anderson facing in Imani Roberson's murder?

Donell Anderson is facing felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime charges, according to the Rockdale County sheriff.