Iconic Jackson Street bridge could look different before 2022

If you’ve ever taken a picture on Atlanta’s Jackson Street bridge, you might soon need an updated one, as the city plans to move forward with a new design that leaders say will give it a fresh look and feel.

Right now, Jackson Street bridge looks like any other, but if all goes according to plan, it could receive a makeover that would make it look like a park grazing the city’s skyline.

There’s something about Atlanta that just draws people.

"When I came to visit Atlanta I felt like it was really a — it really fit me here. I love the people here and the weather," Randall Anderson said while watching the skyline Thursday. 

"I moved to Georgia three years ago to do my masters in business administration," Nuriya Rahimjonova said. She liked it so much, she stayed for a second masters in IT.

The list of enamored visitors goes on, and when they arrive, they often make their way to the Jackson Street bridge.

"When I first saw it I was so blown away by this beautiful view and I see people almost every day taking pictures or videos," Rahinjonova said.

Graduation photos, bucket list pics, people stop by the concrete bridge over the interstate to prove they made it to Atlanta.

Imagine a mini park bordering the Jackson Street Bridge with patches of grass, potted plants — even seats that would welcome tourists and neighbors.

"I think we need more attractions and has great potential for a tourist spot and it already is," Anderson said.

Right now, the city planning department is working on the final permits for the reimagined old fourth ward destination. Renew Atlanta funds should cover most of the cost.

It’s been in the works since 2014 and plans show a "people-friendly" bridge, although those taking pictures Thursday couldn’t help but consider safety.

"I think the safety hazards should be taken into consideration because the pictures I’ve seen with this new park, it seems like there’s a little island in the middle and I could see people using it more with this new park," Jamaree Woods said.

City leaders hope the changes will only elevate what so many already love. 

FOX 5 asked the city if reconfiguring the bridge means knocking it down entirely or adding onto what’s already there. City representatives did not immediately respond.

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