Hundreds gather in Cherokee County for Fields of Faith

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It's a national movement that brings communities together through worship. Fields of Faith is a non-denominational, student-led prayer event held in hundreds of cities throughout the nation.

Wednesday night, hundreds of students gathered at Cherokee High School to hear messages of hope and inspiration.

Uplifting music filled the gym at the school, speakers sent positive messages to the students.

"I really wanted to be here because you get a chance to do what you love when you're surrounded by people who feel the same way you do about the Lord," said Amayah Vital.

While Fields of Faith started nationally in 2004, this is the 8th year the event has been held in Cherokee County. Brandon Roberts started it when he was in middle school.

"With the world being so divided it's important to bring people together, people are looking for hope in today's world and to hear a positive and encouraging message," said Roberts.

“Fields of Faith is designed to bring the community together to say ‘I’m going to stand on faith’ and ‘I'm not going to be scared,” said Tina Turcotte who has children who go to the school.

Across the nation, we've seen violence, controversy, and protests. Students said when they stand together and pray together, they feel stronger. This community has had its share of sadness.

"We've had a lot of recent tragedies in the community, we lost a cheerleader in a car accident, we've had a suicide at another local high school, we have a young man, Caleb Wade, who has leukemia who is in the hospital right now," said Turcotte.

With their heads bowed in prayer, and holding hands, students said they found hope and inspiration.

"I think there's a lot of hate in the world right now and this event is all about love and learning to love each other more. Now more than ever we need to come together and love on each other," said student Rylee Holland.

The organizers of Fields of Faith said more than one million people have participated across the country since it first began in 2004.