Houston getting good reviews from Super Bowl visitors

In Houston putting on a party is a matter of pride, and based on dozens of folks who spoke with FOX 26, it appears we're running up our own Super Bowl score.  Getting ready has taken years of work by a fiercely committed crew of thousands. As fans from all 50 states pour in, the first round of reviews for Houston's effort have been raving.

"I love Houston. Houston is right on time. They did this perfect. Couldn't do it no better," said Kenny Jackson who lives in Milwaukee.

Kenny's friend Fulton Williams is also from frosty Wisconsin.

"When I left it was like 8 degrees, so 8 compared to 63, you do the math," said Fulton with a smile adding, "Houston is awesome."

Drawing high marks amid the controlled mayhem - Houston's organization and manpower.

"The number of people waiting at the airport to hand out information about where to go and how to get there. The number of signs for parking. It was pretty amazing," said Russ Japuntich visiting from Gunnison, Colorado.

"I like the way you've got everything organized, easy to get in and easy to get out," said Bronson Copeland of Atlanta.

"The security lines, they are very, very, very helpful and it's really been an easy experience even though there is a mass amount of people," said Tiffany Morris who came from Georgia to follow the Falcons.

But what seems to have made the biggest impression is the "unphoniness" of our city's collective friendliness - a virtue both Patriot and Falcon fans were eager confirm.

"Everyone is so friendly and nice. It's wonderful," said Nancy Gagnon, a Patriots fan from Massachusetts.

"They are very friendly, very helpful getting us around the city. We are feeling very welcome" said Natasha Allen,  a Falcons fan from Atlanta.