Historic Concord Covered Bridge hit again; possible solution in sight

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The Historic Concord Covered Bridge in Cobb County just can't catch a break. It's been hit again. This is the 18th time it's been hit since the bridge was restored last year.  But now, Cobb County may have a solution. 

"Put up large mast arms that would have PVC pipe hanging at seven foot. So if a truck that's over seven foot hits that it will make a lot of noise, won't do much damage, but notify them that perhaps going forward is not a good idea," said Ross Cavitt with Cobb County. 

Cavitt said there will be two of the structures, one on each side of the bridge and a far enough distance away to give drivers plenty of warning. Both will cost a total of $19,400. If county commissioners approve the structures, they could be in place by May. 

Tony Suttle said he hopes people hit the chains and freak out. 

"Not anticipating it and think something hit their windshield and oh no! then hit their brakes, person behind them doing the same thing, fender bender!" said Suttle.

Matthew Smith drives under the bridge twice a day. He's seen it all. From U-Hauls to heavy machinery hit the metal beam just before the entrance of the bridge. He said the dangling chains with the PVC pipe at the bottom are worth trying.  

"It's a good start, I'll tell you that.  We cross our fingers and hope it does work, right?" said Smith.