High end purses targeted by smash-and-grab burglars

Atlanta Police said it happened in about a minute, a smash and grab of very high end purses.

The thieves struck the Tod's store at the Shopps of Buckhead on Peachtree Road early Monday.

By late afternoon, half the front door at Tod's was covered by plywood after police said someone tossed a brick through it early Monday morning.

“Maybe they have a track record, they've done it before. They’re in and out quickly,” said Mike Garcia, a shopper in the area.

Atlanta police said after one man tossed the brick through the window, he and another man entered the business.

Investigators said the two men were inside the store about a minute then fled with merchandise, numerous high end purses worth thousands of dollars.

“They’ve got to be offloading on EBay, Craigslist I don't know I don't know," said Eric Chisom, who works in the area.

Atlanta Police said they are trying to determine if this smash and grab could be related to others.

Investigators said after the two crooks fled on foot they hopped into a dark blue SUV.

Police said a security guard spotted the crooks first heading northbound on Peachtree Road where they made a U-turn and then headed southbound.

“If they are taking purses they can move and it's a brand people like , that people want to purchase on the black market, it probably makes it much more difficult for the retailer,” said Hal Hayes, who was visiting Atlanta from Savannah.

No one at Tod's wanted to make a comment but Atlanta police said they have surveillance video of the incident which may be released later.

There are multiple cameras all over the Shops of Buckhead complex.

Hal Hayes wandered about who would commit such a brazen act, perhaps knowing about the cameras.

“I guess they just don't care, you know, do they just not care is it that good of a market are they that desperate,” said Hayes.

Atlanta police are asking anyone with any information about the smash and grab at Tod's to contact their office.

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