#HiddenPinesFire Update: Power restored

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*Update 4:18 PM 10/19* Power has been restored to residents affected by Hidden Pines fire.

*Update 10:30 AM 10/19* The Hidden Pines fire has burned through 4,582 acres. Bastrop County officials say the wildfire is now 70 percent contained. The fire has not increased in size and no new homes or structures have been destroyed.

All power is expected to be restored to affected areas by 4 p.m. today (10/19) according to Bluebonnet Electric.

Officials say they are working on assessment of structures. At the last briefing, officials said a total of 50 homes and 7 businesses have been lost and that 95 homes are still threatened.

423 people have registered at the Smithville Rec Center and officials say they will need some sort of assistance.

Officials say they are working on a reentry plan but that it doesn't mean that reentry is happening soon. Some have been able to return.

Officials say firefighters have been working tirelessly. Crews from all across Texas have joined the fight, including other crews from out-of-state. A total of 275 firefighters and 215 utility crews have been working to put out the fire and help with re-entry.

A Texas A&M Forrest Service map shows which areas are now open for reentry, as well as hot spots that are still dangerous. 

Bastrop County has issued six citations for burn ban violations. On Sunday, one woman was arrested for not signing the ticket issued.  

Recent updates will be posted below as they are received.

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*Update 5:30 AM 10/19* Smithville ISD has set up temporary pick-up and drop-off locations for students displaced by the fire. Buses will pick up students as early as 6:30 a.m. and drop them off as late as 4:45 p.m. Smithville ISD says that campuses remain open and regular schedules will be going on this week.

The locations and times are:

The Home Depot off Hunters Crossing Boulevard: Pick-up 6:30 a.m. Drop-off 4:45 p.m.
Walmart: Pick-up 6:40 a.m. Drop off 4:35 p.m.
Bucees: Pick-up 6:50 a.m. Drop off 4:25 p.m.
Exxon Tiger Tote: Pick-up 7:00 a.m. Drop off 4:15 p.m. 

*Update 1:30 PM 10/18* A total of 275 firefighters and 215 utility crews are working the Hidden Pines fire and reentry. Fire is 60 percent contained from overnight, acreage remains at 4,582. Officials say they do not have a confirmed total number on structures destroyed— which includes homes and outbuildings as well as other inventory lost.

Blue Bonnet Electric has returned power to Zones One and Two, and they hope to have Zone Three on by 8:00 P.M. Sunday night. Utility crews hope to restore Zone Four, outside the burn area, by end of day Monday or early morning Tuesday.

Officials say H.E.B is continuing to feed all first responders at a total of 1,500 meals per day. The Smithville Rec Center has a total of 352 registrants as of Saturday night— those who have not registered are encouraged to do so but Bastrop County officials. The Rec Center will be open today from 1:00 P.M through 6:00 P.M.

*Update 5:39 PM 10/17*  Roads reopening tonight:
100-225 Felix Drive
100-185 Majestic Forest Trail
100-399 O'Grady Road
100-390 Cottletown

*Update 4:25 PM 10/17* The Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management released a list of responding volunteer fire departments helping end the Hidden Pines fire. A press conference is scheduled for 5 P.M. on Saturday. 

Responding Volunteer Fire Departments:

Smithville VFD
Heart of the Pines VFD
Bluebonnet VFD
Winchester VFD
McDade VFD
Bastrop VFD
Elgin VFD
5 Points VFD
Bastrop County Sheriff's Office
Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management
Bastrop Police Department
AgriLife Extension
City of Smithville
Smithville Police Department
Texas A&M Forest Service
Texas National Guard
Southern Area Incident Command-Blue Team
Lower Colorado River Authority
Bluebonnet Electric Coop
Texas Department of Public Safety
United States Forest Service
American Red Cross
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission
Capital Area Incident Management Team
Alamo Area Incident Management Team
Texas Health and Medical Response
TIFMAS Wildland Engine Strike and Structure Protection Teams from across the state
Florida Forest Service
Austin Disaster Relief Network
Acadian EMS
Bastrop County First Responders

*Update 1:25 PM 10/17* According to officials, the City of Smithville had 244 displaced citizens register at the Recreation Center for shelter purposes. The fire is holding at 4,582 acres and 40 percent containment. 

*Update 4:20 PM 10/16*  The DC-10, the nation’s largest firefighting aircraft, dropped fire retardant on the ‪Hidden Pines fire‬. The aircrafts can carry nearly 12,000 gallons. 

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*Update 1:52 PM 10/16* Hidden Pines Fire Progression Map from Texas A&M Forest Service


*Update 1:20 PM 10/16* - Hidden Pines Fire perimeter as of 11 AM 10/16/15. Map provided by Texas A&M Forest Service.

*Update 10:18 AM 10/16* Officials say early indications are that the fire may have been caused by a farming or ranching accident in which a shredding operation caused a fire that got away because of the wind and dry conditions.

Judge Pape says they hope to have the fire out in a few days but expect the event to "last a long time."

DC10 is filling up in Chattanooga, Tennessee with fire retardant and will fly to Central Texas.

*Update 10:06 AM 10/16* At a press conference, officials say the fire has grown to more than 4,500 acres and has destroyed 40 structures. It is still at 25 percent containment.

Weather conditions are forcing crews to change fire fighting tactics. Evacuated residents are not being allowed to return home at this time due to the change in wind patterns.

Highway 71 is not closed but it will be monitored for flames and smoke but that could change if things get worse.

*Update 9:11 AM 10/16* Latest information from the Texas A&M Forest Service says the Hidden Pines fire has grown to estimated 4,383 acres and is 25 percent contained. At least 30 structures have been destroyed and around 400 homes have been evacuated.

Here are the most recent updates, evacuations, and road closures: 

*Update 8:47 PM 10/15* Reopened addresses: 125-441 Kellar Rd, 132-333 Powell Rd. Officials say residents will be required to show proof of address at the security check point.

*Update 5:49 PM 10/15* A list of homes or structures destroyed by the wildfire has been released by officials: 

  • 155 Rolling Pines
  • --Four additional structures on Rolling Pines
  • 455 Gotier Trace
  • 3808 Old Antioch
  • 493 Cottletown (Shed)
  • --Structures across from HOP Fire Stations
  • 210 Old Antioch
  • 215 Old Antioch
  • 126 Turkey Trot (2 Outbuildings)
  • 108 agget
  • --Unknown structure across from 142 Tall Pines
  • 1430 PR 1C
  • 1492 PR 1C
  • 190 Spring Hollow
  • 156 Turkey Trot
  • 614 Cottleton
  • 197 Spring Hallow
  • 112 Lonsesome Dove 
  • 224 Spring Hallow
  • 352 Old Antioch
  • 172 Broken Tree
  • 194 Broken Tree
  • 167 Long Trail
  • 220 Long Trail
  • 228 Long Trail
  • 245 Long Trail
  • (?) 255 Long Trail
  • 260 Long Trail
  • 267 Long Trail
  • 271 Long Trail
  • 269 Long Trail
  • 228/224 @ Curve in the road on Long Trail
  • --Two additional structures in the area of 172 Broken Tree

*Update 3:33 PM 10/15* At 5:00 pm today 10/15/15, there will be an informational meeting held for residents affected by the Hidden Pines Fire at the Smithville Recreation Center

*Update 1:49 PM 10/15* A reminder from Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management reminds people that if you wish to donate monetarily that the only vetted monetary donations is to Bastrop County Long Term Recovery and Propserity Bank in Smithville.

*Update 1:30 PM 10/15* Latest list of roads that have been evacuated, some roads have been reopened. Some of the opened roads remain without electricity.

Ann Powell north of PR 1C
Tall Pines Rd
Turkey Trot Rd
Park Hill Farms Rd
Park Rd 1C from Old Antioch to KLBJ and
Old Antioch Rd from Park Rd 1C to Turkey Trot
Raven Rd
Kellar Rd
Turkey Roost Rd
Powell Rd
Spring Hollow Trail
Long Trl.
Agget Rd
Rolling Pines Dr.
Pine Bark Dr
Broken Tree Ln
Pine Needle Ln
Kingdom Path
O’Grady Rd
Cottletown from O’Grady to Kingdom Path
Hudson Dr.
Phoenix Dr.
Lonesome Dove Rd
Abby Ln
Felix Dr
Falling Tree Ln
Hudson Dr
Extended PR 1C
Extended down Cottletown
Gotier Trace from Cottletown to Alum Creek
Pine Park
Alum Creek Road Closed
Lonesome Dove
Abbey Ln
Gotier Trace
Pine Park
Alum Creek from PR 1C to Gotier Trace
Alum Creek East

Ann Powell from KLBJ to PR 1C
Alum Creek from 71 to PR 1C
Village Forrest
Tree Top
Wild Bird Loop
Pine Knoll
Poole Road

Also the state has applied for and received federal help in the form of a Fire Management Assistant Grant which will help all involved recoup 75% of the fund expended in fire suppression.

There was a FMAG for the 2011 fires as well.

*Update 12:51 PM 10/15* - Hills Prairie on FM 304 is open and so is Bastrop Rodeo Arena. Donations of feed, hay, buckets, etc. are needed, Contact is Rachel Bauer at the Bastrop Rodeo Arena.

For those who are delivering Animals, you will need a special placard showing you are authorized to bring the animals in. Check with BCSO to obtain placard or you will not be allowed to drop them off.

*Update 11:53 AM 10/15* - Rudy Koski is on the scene in Tall Pines Road. He is getting first hand view of the fire damage.

*Update 10:55 AM 10/15* - Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster for Bastrop County. He also announced that resources are being added to help fight the fire including two Blackhawk and two Chinook helicopters.

*Update 9:11 AM 10/15* - Austin Fire Department reports that it has received the call from the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System, run by Texas A&M Forest Service, for four of its people to head to Bastrop to help chanisaw downed trees and clear brush. They plant to be gone for seven days unless they're demobilized sooner.

*Update 7:59 AM 10/15* The Bastrop County Sheriff's Office says that Alum Creek from 71 to PR 1C & Ann Powell from KLBJ to PR 1C are roads that have reopened. Evacuees are able to return. Some homes are still w/o power.

*Update 5:41 AM 10/15* - Officials say the Hidden Pines fire has grown to 4,200 acres and is now 15% contained. Gov. Abbott is expected to head to the area sometime this morning.

*Update 11:16 PM 10/14* - Fire Evacuation Notice: Harmon Rd. voluntary evacuation at this time

*Update 10:14 PM 10/14* - Evacuation Notice: Village Forest, Alum Creek from SH 71 to Park Road 1c, Tree Top, Wild Bird Loop.  Please evacuate the area. Fire now spreads 3,500 acres, at 10 percent contained.

*Update 9:11 PM 10/14* - The Texas A&M Forest Service says up to 100 homes remain threatened-- in the latest ‪wildfire update. The fires have burned through 1,650 acres in, both, Williamson and Bastrop Counties. Fire containment in the largest region remains at 10 percent. 

*Update 7:29 PM 10/14* - NEW from officials: "Currently, nine homes have been confirmed lost. Addresses are being verified at this time, and crews are actively trying to confirm or deny additional losses. More information will be released as it is confirmed."

*Update 7:19 PM 10/14* - More evacuations: Gotier Trace from Cottletown to Alum Creek is currently being evacuated.

*Update 6:09 PM 10/14*  - Officials say at this time they are lowering the containment of the Hidden Pines Fire to 10 percent due to the growth today. Firefighters are actively protecting structures in the evacuated areas.

*Update 4:06 PM 10/14* - Residents along Kingdom Path, O'Grady Rd and Cottletown from O'Grady to Kingdom Path have been evacuated. Power is out in all evacuated areas. No homes have been lost at this time.

*Update 2:40 PM 10/14* - Evacuations have just been completed on Rolling Pines Dr, Pine Bark Dr, Broken Tree Ln and Pine Needle Ln

*Update 1:54 PM 10/14* Bastrop County officials say the updated acreage of the Hidden Pines fire is 1,512 acres based on aerial calculations. They say the fire is estimated to be 50% contained.

Officials say long range spotting is occurring and that's creating spot fires out in front of the main fire. The fire is moving in northerly and northwesterly directions due to influences from both wind, topography and heavy vegetation in the area.

*Update 1:41 PM 10/14* Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management says additional evacuations are being enacted on Powell Road, Spring Hollow Trail and Long Road. It asks people to be aware of surroundings and safely leave the area.

Small animals can be taken to the Bastrop Animal Shelter. Livestock can be taken to the Bastrop Rodeo Show Barn (must check in with on scene personnel) and the Hills Prairie Auction Barn on 304 south of Bastrop.

*Update 12:52 PM 10/14* Updated list of all current evacuated roads:

Ann Powell,
Tall Pines Rd,
Turkey Trot Rd,
Park Hill Farms Rd,
Park Rd 1C from Old Antioch to KLBJ and
Old Antioch Rd from Park Rd 1C to Turkey Trot,
Raven Rd
Kellar Rd
Turkey Roost Rd
All evacuees are asked to go to the Smithville Recreation Center if they need a place to go


*Update 12:20 PM 10/14* The winds over the fire are out of the South at 6mph, so the wind is now pushing the fire in a northerly direction. If you have concerns about whether or not your property is at risk, consider it's location and proximity to the fire combined with the wind direction. That will help you determine if your property is in the path of the fire or in an area of immediate concern.

*Update 11:59 AM 10/14* Reverse 911 calls are going out to Tall Pines Rd. for evacuations. Please take necessary steps to prepare your home and evacuate promptly.

*Update 11:50 AM 10/14* At this time, evacuations are being called for on Raven Road, off Park Road 1C. It's a dead end road with only one point of entry and egress, and is of concern at this time. Deputies are going door-to-door to facilitate the evacuation of this location.

*Update 11:37 AM 10/14* Join the Hidden Pines Fire Facebook Event for up-to-date information, and recovery efforts. At this time 375 acres burned have burned and the fire is an estimated 50% contained. Winds will shift to SE and temps will hit 94 degrees later today.

*Update 10:54 AM 10/14*  - Self-evacuations are recommended for Kellar Rd. Reverse 911 calls are being conducted for that area.

*Update 6:25 AM 10/14* A wildfire in Bastrop County is still burning this morning. The Hidden Pines fire, just north of Smithville, has burned nearly 300 acres already.

Crews have been working to contain the fire for more than 12 hours and it's still only about 40 percent contained.

At last check, the Hidden Pines fire has burned some 275 acres and is threatening nine homes. That prompted the voluntary evacuation of a dozen homes, Buescher State Park and the University of Texas MD Anderson Center's Science Park.

Those evacuated have been told to go to the Smithville Recreation Center on Gazley.

If you have pets or animals, the Bastrop Rodeo Arena is taking large animals while the Bastrop Animal Shelter is taking smaller animals.

Conditions today are expected to be better than yesterday and officials say the conditions are no way near those during the 2011 Bastrop wildfires.

Two other fires in the area have been 100 percent contained. The El Camino Creek and FM 1331 fires burned some 120 acres combined.

*UPDATE 10:13 pm 10/13*  Follow the progress of the firefighting efforts on the Texas A&M Forest Service website. (click here to view)

*UPDATE 9:28 pm 10/13* Firefighters in Bastrop County battled three wildfires on Tuesday. Two of those fire have been contained.

The largest one, now referred to as the Hidden Pines Fire, is only at 30% containment and it has spread 200-acres.

According to authorities, only one structure was destroyed by the fire. The remaining damage was to vegetation and trees in the area.

Authorities said no other structures or people are at risk at this time although the smoke did cause some evacuations.

For people that are wishing to evacuate and need to drop off pets or animals, the Bastrop Animal Shelter is open and accepting small animals. For larger animals, they can be taken to the Bastrop Rodeo Arena and Show Barn.

*UPDATE 6:27 PM 10/13* According to authorities, the grass fire off of F.M. 1331 southeast of Lake Granger is now 100% contained. The fire was approximately 88-acres. No homes were damaged and no injuries were reported. 

Agencies responding include: Thrall Fire Dept. (lead); Austin Police Department helicopter with water drops; Texas Forest Service; Taylor Volunteer Fire Dept.; Coupland Fire Dept.; Bartlett Fire Dept.; Florence Fire Dept.; Round Rock Fire Dept; Georgetown Fire Dept.; Weir Fire Dept.; Hutto Fire Dept.; and Williamson County Road & Bridge.

*UPDATE 6:11pm 10/13*  Bastrop Officials are asking residents on Ann Powell Rd. to evacuate the area. Smithville Recreation Center is open to accept evacuees.

The plumes of black smoke that are billowing from the Bastrop County landscape is an indication that the fire is spreading.

Fire fighters in Bastrop battled three fires on Tuesday, the largest one covering at least 150 acres in Smithville.

There is some good news, according to reports, only heavy vegetation in the area is burning.  Authorities said no structures, nor people are at risk at this time.

That could always change so firefighters are working to put the flames out. The Hidden Pines fire in Smithville started around 1:45 P.M.

Multiple agencies, from both local and surrounding counties, are on the scene.

Two small engine planes are dropping water and fire retardant. Also a temporary flight restriction has been placed over the area, only firefighting resources are allowed in that airspace.

They plan to be out here all day all night.

In Williamson County near Granger Lake, Thrall Volunteer Fire Fighters had their own battle with a large fire.

According to the Thrall Volunteer Fire Department's Facebook page, the Thrall 1331 fire is 50 to 75% contained with 88 acres as of 4:30 P.M. On top of the other listed departments on scene, Texas Forest Service is on scene assisting. An air tender is coming in from Abilene to assist with aerial firefighting.

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