Hidden treasure visible only through a snorkel mask

It's a true hidden treasure located right on the state line of Georgia and Tennessee, and it's a place biologists say is one of the most biodiverse in the country!
The Conasauga Snokeling Hole is located on the Conasauga River, just over the state line in the Cherokee National Forest of Tennessee.  The area features a dazzling array of fish and mussel species, some of which are incredibly rare and only found in this particular stretch of the river!  Experiencing that wildlife is easy -- many people snorkel in the water here, something that's available to do both with groups (several groups lead tours to the area) or just by yourself.  All you need is a mask with snorkel, something to cover your feet (it's rocky on the floor), and a wetsuit when the water is cold.
Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken made the drive to the Conasauga Snokeling Hole -- and he and photojournalist Blaze Meier took along an underwater camera to share the action with us!
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