Harris rallies for Ossoff, Warnock in Columbus

Campaigning in Georgia on Monday, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stressed a need to elect Democratic U.S. Senate candidates who will advance President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.

Harris thanked Georgians for voting in record numbers, securing a win for the Democratic presidential ticket for the first time in nearly 30 years.

"It is within your hands within our grasp to send these two leaders to Washington D.C. who will fight for your voice," Harris told the crowd.

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Telling a crowd in Columbus that "everything is at stake" in the Jan. 5 contests, Harris said Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock would advance Biden policy priorities such as increased funding for schools in low-income districts, a $15,000 tax credit to first-time home buyers, and policing reforms.

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"We will need the legislation to be passed," Harris said. "We will need Jon and Raphael in the United States Senate. These are the things that are at stake."


Harris’ other planned stop was canceled due to a scheduled Senate vote on a coronavirus relief package.

Speaking ahead of Harris, Ossoff warned that Republicans would block the Biden administration’s agenda if they kept Senate control, stymying a progressive platform to raise the minimum wage, expand access to health care and invest in infrastructure.

"We have too much good work to do, Columbus, to be mired in gridlock and obstruction," he said.

Republicans have won Georgia's last two senate runoffs. With recent polls showing Georgia's Senate races in a dead heat, Democrats believe victory is within reach.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report