Gwinnett to roll out 'microtransit' pilot

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Starting Monday, people in Snellville will have access to a brand new door-to-door transportation service free of charge.

Gwinnett County's "Microtransit" pilot program will begin operations at 6:00 a.m.

"Microtransit is an on-demand service that customers can use by calling in or getting on an app and scheduling service within a certain zone," explained Alan Chapman, Gwinnett County's transportation director.

Initially, the zone will be limited to the Highway 78 and Scenic Highway corridors but will link people to grocery stores, hospitals, and other necessities.

"It really seemed appropriate for the Snellville area," said Chapman.  "It's an area where we've received a lot of requests for transit."

The county will begin with seven Microtransit vehicles.  The program is scheduled to last for six months.  If it is successful, the county will likely extend the service and possibly expand it into other areas where transit is lacking, like Buford.

"It would be great if we had more demand than vehicles.  That, I think, would be a good problem to have.  But I think every car we get off the road is a success," Chapman said.

The Microtranist program is part of the county's transit development plan and would be part of the proposed contract with MARTA if voters choose to join the transit authority in the future.

To use the new service, call 770-822-5010 or schedule a pickup through the free Microtransit app.