Gwinnett County's first Black-owned pilot school to open soon

Gwinnett County Airport's Briscoe Field is set to welcome a groundbreaking addition: Lookup Flight Academy, LLC, the first Black-owned pilot school in the area. Approved by the Board of Commissioners last week, the school secured a 25-year lease for a 2.3-acre site, complete with a hangar building and ramp.

The decision marks a significant milestone in addressing the underrepresentation of minority pilots in aviation. Chairwoman Nicole Love Hendrickson expressed her excitement, highlighting the school's potential to pave the way for future leaders in the industry.

Founded by aviator and entrepreneur Michael Ojo, Lookup Flight Academy aims to provide comprehensive pilot training while fostering diversity and inclusion. With a focus on mentorship and hands-on learning, the academy seeks to empower aspiring aviators from underrepresented communities.

"Pilotage demands doing the hard thing, regardless of gender or wealth," said Ojo. "It requires equal attention from all, as your life and future hinge on it. Embrace the challenge!"

Lookup Flight Academy, LLC, plans to renovate its hangar facility to create an optimal learning environment. The school anticipates being fully operational and ready to welcome aspiring aviators by the summer.