GSU student withdraws from school following alleged racist comment

A Georgia State University student withdrew from school following a backlash over racist comments she's accused of making on social media.

This decision comes after Natalia Martinez was suspended from the university soccer team over an Instagram post.

Many on campus expressed satisfaction with her departure and said they are disappointed, but not shocked.

A similar reaction from many Georgia State Students surfaced afterword a fellow student, Martinez, who posted racial slurs on social media officially withdrew from the school.

Before her decision Monday, the school had suspended her.

Immediately after, a petition surfaced calling for the school to expel the freshman.

Martinez was a defender on the team.

Martinez is accused of using the "N" word on her Finsta page, a private version of Instagram.

Christina Maxouris is the editor-in-chief of the school paper, the Georgia State Signal, and said it's been the talk on campus. She said it has upset a lot of the students on the diverse campus.