Grayson High School football star signed to NIL deal with Adidas

Grayson High School is home to the number one linebacker prospect in the state, Tyler Atkinson, who is being heavily recruited by the top names in college football. Atkinson's exceptional talent on the field has opened up numerous opportunities off the field as well.

"My teammates, you know, they just want some cleats. So I'm gonna bless them with some cleats before the season to get them right and all that. It's gonna be good," said Atkinson, showcasing his generosity and team spirit.

Thanks to a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal with Adidas, Atkinson is now able to provide new cleats for all his fellow players. "Some people really want this, so for me to have it, it's good. It inspires young players to work hard so that can happen to them because you can get it now at a high school level," he said.

Atkinson is the only high school defensive player in the country signed to an NIL deal by the sportswear company. This deal is not just a testament to his abilities but also to his character. His coach praised his dedication, saying, "To have that opportunity at a young age is a blessing. I see a kid every day that works for those kids. They get a chance to go and be exposed or get rewarded for the things that they do. I'm all for that."

As NIL deals make their way to high school athletes in Georgia, there are concerns about potential negative effects. Some coaches have cited challenges that NIL deals can bring, but Atkinson and his coach are optimistic. 

"It's about your program's culture and the values you instill in your kids. I have no worry here at Grayson High School that NIL will turn into a negative deal for us. Our kids are doing things for the right reasons. They're about the program and each other. So I see NIL only being a positive thing for our student athletes," his coach explained.

Atkinson feels confident that his early experience with NIL puts him ahead in the game as he considers his college options. "They'll be asking questions on how it works and all that. Wherever school I go to, that's going to be the biggest thing. I'm always going to try to open up more opportunities for NIL. College offers a way bigger opportunity for NIL, so that's what I'm really working on," he said.

With his focus on both his future and helping his team, Tyler Atkinson is poised for continued success.