Grandfather claims 'excessive force' during arrest

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A 66-year-old grandfather was taken to the ground by a police officer in what he calls an unlawful arrest.

FOX 5 has obtained not one, but two videos of the incident.

It all started when Alphonso Carey said he saw a South Fulton police officer handle a 13-year-old girl in a rough manner.

That child had been suspected of petty theft, according to the authorities.

When Carey approached the officer to ask about the treatment of the girl, he said that officer told him to "get out of my face."

Carey admits he persisted, telling the officer he could observe what was going on.

In one of the videos, the disagreement between the officer and Carey became physical. The officer told Carey he would be arrested for interfering in the matter. Carey objected and ultimately the officer took him to the ground.

But South Fulton Chief Keith Meadows provided another video of what took place before the takedown. Meadows says it shows restraint used by the officer who made repeated demands for Carey to leave the property. The chief says the video also shows Carey with both hands up in what law enforcement calls a fighting stance.

Meadows has launched an internal investigation into the incident. The chief says, from what he sees on the video, as well as statements from witnesses, there is no reason at this time to take the officer off patrol.