Gov. Deal could allow voters to decide to split Stockbridge

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All eyes are on Governor Nathan Deal and his action on the proposed city of Eagles Landing.

The city of Stockbridge held a public town hall meeting Monday night at Eagles Landing First Baptist Church.

“My concerns right off the bat are whether or not there’s going to be a disparity. I can’t help but think we’re talking about a disproportionate population,” said Tom Aliffi, one of the hundreds of area residents who attended searching for answers.

FOX 5 News was asked to leave the church property by a deputy who said the church does not allow news cameras.

“Both sides need to be able to present the case in order for a decision to be made by the voters,” said Rich Carter when the Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee. “It involves the press by all means.”

He and others with the organization have attended various events to speak of the advantages of a new city of Eagles Landing.

“We’re confident as this moves forward that the governor is going to sign the bills involved that allow the citizens to have a vote,” said Carter.

Governor Nathan Deal has not yet signed or vetoed the two bills on Eagles Landing passed by the legislature. He has 40 days to do so after the end of the legislative session.

“He needs to veto this bill because it doesn’t make good common logical sense,” said Stockbridge Mayor Anthony Ford.

He said the formation of Eagles Landing would remove about $5 in business taxes by taking away much of its economic corridor around Eagles Landing Parkway.

The mayor said currently Stockbridge doesn’t have a city property tax which could change if Eagles Landing is approved.

“That, in essence, would mean myself and the rest of the council most likely would have to impose a property tax on the citizens that are remaining,” said Mayor Ford.

If the governor approves the proposed city of Eagles Landing, residents within its new city boundaries would vote on cityhood in November.