Good Day Atlanta viewer information May 7, 2020

Longtime Newton County friends accepted into military academies: View story here

Hawks Talon GC Coach Wesley Acuff on Good Day Atlanta: Starved for live sports content, ESPN announced this week, that they will air live NBA2K games on their networks throughout the 2020 season. E-Sports hits prime time. Joining Good Day Atlanta's Buck Lanford live this morning via Skype is the coach of the Hawks Talon GC Wesley Acuff with more on the big news.  

Mother's Day cake from Proof of the Pudding: To celebrate mom this year, Proof of the Pudding, a local popular catering company has a recipe for viewers to try at home. Founding chef Vagn Nielsen created an orange souffle chocolate cake recipe, and says it is easy for dad or the kids to make for mom this Mother's Day. Proof of the Pudding is offering Mother's Day meal packages and because of the pandemic switched gears and offers a variety of weekly ready to reheat meals, sides, and pastries. For more information on today's recipe see below. For more on Proof of the Pudding click here

Orange soufflé chocolate cake 


  • 4 cups quarter inc. diced soft white bread (no crust)
  • 2 cups half & half
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups egg
  • 1 cup chocolate sauce
  • 1 orange
  • 2 tsp vanilla  


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients
Add zest & juice from the orange
Bake in a pre-greased, 9-inch cake pan in the oven at 275 degrees for ~45 minutes.
Place a knife in the center of the cake to check if it’s done – if nothing sticks to the knife, the cake is done.
Let chill before slicing.
Use your imagination to garnish the cake (fresh whipped cream & strawberries goes well)

"Celebrity Watch Party":  It's the ultimate celebrity watch party while sheltering at home, and you're invited. From the comfort of your couch a new series premiere's tonight as your favorite stars and their families react to some of our favorite shows.  Actor Raven Simone joins Good Day Atlanta's Sharon Lawson with more celebrity insight on what to expect on the new reality show "Celebrity Watch Party." For more information click here.

Mother's Day with Skye Estroff: Food blogger Skye Estroff talks to us about what local restaurants are offering this Mother's Day Weekend. Mother's Day is one of the biggest days traditionally for the restaurant industry. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many will take a huge loss. While some restaurants have started to open, others are offering to-go menus to make mom feel special at home.  For more information on Skye Estroff click here.