Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 9, 2020

New UNG observatory nears completion:  View here

Finances during uncertain times:  One in three Americans have experienced a temporary layoff, permanent job loss, reduction in hours or reduction of income as a result of the pandemic. So what do you do if you are suddenly facing a financial crunch?  Darlene Goins with Wells Fargo joins us with a financial health check-up. For more information on Darlene Goins or today's tips from Wells Fargo click here.  You can follow Darlene Goins directly @dsmithgoins on Twitter.  

R&B Singer RL talks music and his hometown of Minneapolis: R.L. is one of three members of the R&B group "Next." The group is known for songs like "Wifey," "Too Close" and more. The group saw much success with chart-topping hits. Eventually, R.L. pursued a solo career and saw success there as well. His latest song "You Are" is a tribute to women. He also speaks about the unrest happening in his hometown of Minneapolis amid the death of George Floyd, and is preparing to put together a benefit concert to aid those there. For more information on R.L. you can follow him on social media @justrl

Ally Lynn travels to Houston for George Floyd's funeral: Today George Floyd will be laid to rest in his hometown of Houston, Texas in what is said to be a private ceremony. Ally Lynn traveled to Houston from Little Rock, Arkansas so she could connect more with the community. She details what she's learned since being there and the many murals she's come across. BET will air the service at noon. You can follow Ally on social media @heyallylynn

Pet of the day from the Atlanta Humane Society: Today's pet of the day is Snow a 3-year-old that came down to Atlanta from the Albany Humane Society after some of their staff members were diagnosed with COVID-19 . She was carefully transported and monitored and is now ready for adoption.  She is deaf and is looking for someone to teach her some sign language and a home.  For more information on today's pet of the day from the Atlanta Humane Society click here.