Good Day Atlanta viewer information February 8, 2021

Gwinnett Stripers offer up a "cool" office alternative:  It’s been just about a year since schools and workplaces were first went virtual due to the pandemic, forcing many families to live, work, and play at the same kitchen table.  And while safety is always the priority — it can be a little frustrating doing everything under the same room, day in and day out.        

"Look, I've got a three-and-a-half-year-old!" says Gwinnett Stripers vice president and general manager Adam English with a laugh.  "When I'm at home, unfortunately, my son thinks, 'Hey, Dad's home, we want to play!'  My wife has to lock me in the basement to get some work done."   

So, late last year, English and his fellow Stripers pitched up a home run of an idea: turning their field of dreams into everyone else’s dream office.

"What we thought was, 'Hey, we have great isolated spaces.  Why not offer people the opportunity to come out to Coolray Field and utilize one of our luxury suites as their office for a day?'"

Now through at least the end of Match, the Stripers are allowing fans to rent the luxury suites at Coolray Field for use as an "office for a day."  For 75 dollars a day or 300 dollars per week, professionals can use the suite as a clean, quiet workplace — which also happens to boast one of the best views in Metro Atlanta.

"They get free parking, free Wi-Fi, and they get coffee included," says English.  "We have great safety protocols in place.  Everyone who comes into the facility wears a mask, we have a temperature check station right when they get onto the suite level.  And then once they get in their space, they can take off their mask and work for the day."

Rentals also come with a 20 percent discount at the Stripers team store, and even appearances from mascot Chopper the Groundhog and team celebrity The Fridge.  

For more information on the "Office for a Day" program, click here.  And click the video player in this article to check out our morning hanging out in our new "office" at Coolray Field.

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