Gladiator robot unveiled in China

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On Saturday in Beijing, the monkey king, a new gladiator robot, was unveiled. Its creators are hoping to take on international gladiator robot teams.

Sun Shiqian, one of the co-creators, said the robot is not yet complete. He hopes to finish it in the next year.

"We are excited to be challenged by the Chinese team, the Monkey King robot looks beautiful and amazing," said one of the robots challenging teams. "We're excited to be starting the sports league of the future, science fiction robots coming to life. Once the dual with the Japanese team Suidobashi Heavy Industries is settled, we'll be working out how this sport of the future is going to work and we'll be talking to this Chinese team to figure out what's next."

Sun's team has already formally challenged the U.S. team, the Megabots. One of megabots' robots, the Mk. Li Megabot, was one display at Saturdays' event near the Beijing national stadium.

The Monkey King was constructed in two months at a cost of several million dollars. It weighs four tons.