Georgia's Union City receives Purple Heart designation

Union City proudly announces its official designation as a Purple Heart City, a prestigious recognition that honors the bravery and sacrifice of community members who were wounded or killed in combat defending American freedoms.

This designation reflects Union City's unwavering commitment to acknowledging and appreciating the profound sacrifices made by military heroes. By becoming a Purple Heart City, Union City joins a distinguished group of communities nationwide dedicated to honoring and supporting Purple Heart recipients.

Mayor Vince R. Williams expressed deep gratitude, stating, "The Council and I are humbled and honored to receive this designation. It serves as a reminder of the courage and selflessness demonstrated by our service members and ensures that their sacrifices will never be forgotten. Union City is proud to stand in solidarity with our veterans and their families."

The Purple Heart, established by George Washington in 1782 and revived in 1932, is awarded to military personnel wounded or killed while serving. Union City's new status as a Purple Heart City symbolizes the city's enduring respect and gratitude for these brave individuals. The city supports its veterans and their families through various initiatives and services.

This designation not only honors the past sacrifices of military heroes but also strengthens Union City's commitment to providing continuous support for their future.