Georgia's Democratic lawmakers report rise in threats

Several police agencies are trying to determine who is threatening a group of Georgia Democratic senators.

This past Friday, at least four elected officials received pizzas they never ordered, harassing repetitive phone calls, and, in one instance. a rock was thrown at a patio glass door. 

The senators believe they have an idea of who is responsible for the threats.

"It's disconcerting that someone is sending a message: ‘We have your personal information, we have your cellphone and your home address,’" Georgia state Sen. Jason Estevez said. 

The Atlanta Democrat says he's been an elected official for 10 years and has never experienced anything like what happened to his family on Friday.

He says a Domino's pizza box was delivered to his home in North Atlanta where his children were, but no one had ordered a pizza.

In another eerie turn, Estevez and Gwinnett Police tell FOX 5's Aungelique Proctor that earlier that morning a rock was thrown at another colleague's house, breaking a patio glass door.

"It's scary stuff to have someone come to your home and cause damage or try to deliver something to your front door when you have a family and kids. It's terrifying. Like I said, my wife's cell phone was spammed and so was mine," Estevez said.

He initially shrugged it off until state Sen. Emanuel Jones, who owns the Legacy Ford car dealership in McDonough, had the same problem. His employees received an unrequested pizza delivery at his business. His security cameras captured these images of the driver making the delivery.

Jones was out of town and immediately became suspicious

 "Had it been a real pizza, what could it have been laced with? I have all these things in my head about what could have happened," Jones said. 

Some of the senators involved are so frightened they don't want FOX 5 to mention their names. 

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation sent out an email warning all elected officials to be vigilant and report anything unusual to their local police.

Jones and Estevez believe these threats are tied to the Fulton County indictment of former President Donald Trump.

"I am assuming based on the threat level due to the Trump indictments, it's related to that," Estevez said.

All the senators reported their incidents to their local police departments. McDonough Police say it was a real Domino's delivery man, but they are trying to determine who placed the online order.