Georgia woman says she's tested positive for COVID-19 3 times

A Fayetteville wife and mother says she has tested positive three times for the deadly coronavirus.

Shuntel Myrick, 46, has no idea where she got the virus, but she says she started displaying symptoms the second week in March.

On March 23, her chest pains were so severe, she left work in a panic and drove herself to the hospital because she thought she was having a heart attack.

The doctor in the Piedmont Fayette emergency room, ultimately said did not fit the criteria to be tested for COVID-19.

"They didn’t quite know what the diagnosis was. They were saving the COVID test for people that were critically ill or in that high-risk category," she recalled.

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Three days later the symptoms were so severe, Shuntel went back to the hospital this time via ambulance.

By now, the COVID-19 test she took at the health department showed her first positive result.

"The fever got up to 103.5, I had chills really bad, nausea, diarrhea," the insurance broker complained.

She headed back to her Fayette county home to quarantine for 14 days with her husband, who is a cancer survivor, in the basement, and her older children upstairs.

She even had her car sanitized. After the isolation and an oxygen tank, she started feeling better and headed to Georgia Tech to get her second COVID-19 test on April 13.

"When they called me to say, ‘Mrs. Myrick, you’re COVID test is positive,’ I was devastated. That is when panic set in," the mother of three revealed.

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The 46-year-old admits that’s when her mental health began to wane. Her doctor recommended seven more days of isolation but almost seemed as baffled as she was. On April 20, Ms. Myrick was feeling great. She was symptom-free and ready for her third test.

"I went back at Georgia Tech and was still positive. Now, I don’t know how many people are out there like myself. I could have been irresponsible and started going to the bank and the nail salon, but instead, I am in Isolation again, " she said in frustration.

Ms. Myrick says her advice to everyone is to stay home. She appears to have developed a heart issue following her battle with COVID-19, but she can’t see a cardiologist until she gets a negative test result. She admits she feels stuck.