Georgia Tech working to get students' money back from canceled abroad programs

Some of the most rewarding aspects of college, such as studying abroad or an internship, are canceled because of the coronavirus.

All of Georgia Tech's abroad programs are canceled, but the school is still working out kinks with its Oxford program.

Georgia Tech representatives say about half of student study abroad money has been returned, but a good chunk of it is still in European vendor’s hands.

Students say they hope the school puts up a good fight for it because they don’t want to waste any money on a trip they can’t take.

Christie Suszko, a second-year engineering student at Georgia Tech, was excited to spend a semester in England at the University of Oxford.

"I've never been abroad," she said.

As with most events and activities lately, students won't participate in the program because of the dangers of COVID-19.

Georgia Tech tells FOX 5 “the oxford program like all of our study abroad programs, was canceled for the summer semester. Currently, we have been able to return 50% of the funds students paid to be a part of this program. Vendors in Europe hold all of the remaining money and the refund process is not over. We continue to work with those vendors to return more money to students.”

"I understand it’s a difficult situation," Suszko said, "And I get that they’re figuring it out, I just don’t want to lose $5,000 on a program the school canceled," she said.

Suszko is one of the thousands of college students, hoping to travel abroad someday when it’s safe to do so, all the while reluctant to spend unnecessary money during these turbulent times.