Georgia's gas tax suspension set to end on Wedensday

A man refuels his car on March 23, 2010. (Photo Illustration by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

Georgians have been enjoying lower prices at the pump for months after Gov. Brian Kemp suspended the gas tax, but that may be changing this week.

Kemp first ordered the suspension back in September, declaring that high prices and uncertain economic conditions were causing a state of emergency in Georgia. He has since extended that suspension twice.

Under the law, Georgia’s governor can suspend the collection of taxes during an emergency as long as state lawmakers approve it the next time they meet. That next session had been scheduled for Jan. 8, but will now be Nov. 29. That’s when Kemp called a special session to redraw Georgia’s congressional and state legislative districts after a federal judge ruled some districts illegally diluted the voting power of Black people.

It’s unclear if Kemp will ask lawmakers to extend the tax break by law during their special session. He could also declare another state of emergency after lawmakers leave and resume waiving taxes until January.

On Monday, Georgia's average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.79, AAA reports. That's a drop of 3 cents compared to a week ago and 25 cents less than the same time in 2022.

It now costs Georgia drivers an average of $41.85 to fill up a 15-gallon tank of regular gasoline.

Georgia’s pump prices have been falling steadily each week for the past 2 months," said Montrae Waiters, AAA-The Auto Club Group spokeswoman. "Despite high Thanksgiving road travel, gas prices remained under $3.00 for Georgians. Governor Kemp's suspension of the gas tax until November 29th, and lower crude oil prices continue to be the driving forces reducing prices at the pump." 

Georgia’s gasoline price normally includes a federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon and a state tax of 29.1 cents per gallon. Several counties and the city of Atlanta also charge taxes. Federal taxes on diesel fuel are 24.4 cents per gallon, while Georgia’s tax on diesel is 32.6 cents per gallon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.