Georgia expected to yield most flavorful peach crop in years

This year’s Georgia peach crop is shaping up to be sweeter than it has been in years.

Georgia peaches will be harvested in time for Memorial Day and should run all the way through the end of summer. Roughly 10,000 acres of Georgia peach farms stretch across the famously known Fort Valley plateau. Ninety percent of Georgia peaches are grown in this region, which accounts for superior quality peaches.

Consistent temperatures, mineral-rich red clay soils and high humidity are perfect ingredients for super-sweet peaches. With more than 140 years of farming Georgia peaches, the land itself has helped Georgia earn the title the Peach State.

Each year, Georgia produces more than 80 million pounds of peaches between mid-May and mid-August. Peaches are high in fiber, potassium and vitamins A and C.