Gas Valet app seeks to reduce crime, create convenience

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A Fulton County gas station hit in a string of slider crimes is making something old new again in an effort to reduce robberies. A gas valet service is aiming at increasing security and convenience.

“My husband didn't want me coming to this particular gas station,” said Courtney Archie.

This is the first time in a long time Archie has stopped at the Shell station on Cascade Road.

“It's nerve-wracking to worry about my baby getting hurt or my purse getting snatched,” Archie admitted.

The business in Fulton County became a notorious target for thieves after a string of so-called “slider” crimes. That's when criminals make off with valuables, sometimes the whole car, while drivers focus on the pump.

“I had been seeing it on the news. And I thought it was pretty bad, and pretty sad,” said Erika.

Now these women are learning about something good happening at the gas station. They see attendants pumping gas, cleaning windows, and even making store runs. The full service is all part of an app-based business at the Shell called Gas Valet.

“Slider crimes was an issue and that’s one of the reason use it for their personal safety and financial considerations,” said Don Jones, Gas Valet.

“We thought why not stop them before it even happens. What the safest place for you to be? Inside your vehicle,” said Ben Mcfarlin, Gas Valet.

The service is simple. Log into the app, select the location, person to assist you, gas grade, and the valet handles the rest.

“It’s really nice that they are here now because I feel comfortable coming here now,” said Archie.

The gas valet is open from 7 to 11 in the mornings and 3 to 7 at night at that Shell on Cascade Road.

The business plans to expand services to other metro area gas stations over the next few weeks.

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