Gas Prices Should Continue Trending Low, but There Is a Threat

All over Georgia, motorists should be able to get gas at $2.25 a gallon starting next month. That is an estimate from a major fuel supplier -- Mansfield Oil.

But there is a threat looming that could raise prices. It is the weather. Industry officials are watching a storm which should it continue heading west could shutdown oil rigs in the gulf.

"Just a threat of it going into the gulf can raise price," said Andy Milton, senior vice president of production for Mansfield.

Barring weather, the trend lines are positive for the consumer. The higher priced environmental gas for metro Atlanta will be removed in September, American companies as well as the Saudis are producing at a strong rate, and after labor day demand will decline as motorists drive less.

Before the end of the year, Milton says, we could see two dollar gas again.