Furkids Rescue takes in cats seized from Marietta cat rescue

After the Department of Agriculture seized more than 100 cats from the Half the Way Home cat rescue in Marietta, other animal rescues were called on to help take care of the cats.

Furkids rescue took in 88 of the cats. Many have ringworm and respiratory infections, according to the Furkids veterinary staff. The dozens of cats are in quarantine right now, but Furkids is hoping within a few weeks, these cats will be ready to adopt out to loving families.

For Laura Murray, seeing the cats in loving homes is incredibly meaningful. She surrendered her cat, Handsome, to Half the Way Home in March to rehome. He is now with Furkids getting medical treatment for ringworm and malnourishment. 

"I trusted people that I knew to take care of him, and he wasn't taken care of," said Murray of leaving Handsome with Half the Way Home.

Murray says she's relieved Handsome has a second chance to get a forever home.

Furkids is taking on the medical expenses for the 88 cats' recovery, but they can't do it alone:

"We really need the community's support right now to help us help these 88 cats," said Furkids founder Samantha Shelton.

Want to help rehabilitate these cats? Donate here. Want adoption information? Click here.